What is bodyweight training? What is bodyweight training?
Bodyweight training utilizes a class of different movements (collectively known as bodyweight exercises) that make use of our body’s natural resistance to being moved... What is bodyweight training?

Bodyweight training utilizes a class of different movements
(collectively known as bodyweight exercises) that make use of our
body’s natural resistance to being moved about.
Bodyweight training is a very challenging way to burn fat and
develop muscle because it requires not only strength and endurance
but also plenty of willpower and patience.
What do you need to succeed in bodyweight training?
When you perform bodyweight exercises, your natural balance and
stability will be put to the test. You will have to learn how to find
your center of gravity quickly and in different positions so that you
can improve your form when performing different movements.
This book will show you just how effective and hardcore bodyweight
exercises can be. They’re not just for people who can’t visit the gym
regularly – these elite exercises are for fitness buffs and bodybuilders
who are not afraid to go up against the most formidable source of
physical resistance: the human body.
The Challenge
The Extreme Bodyweight Strength Challenge should be performed at
least three times a week and can be combined with any existing
weight loss program that involves exercise. You can also use
bodyweight exercises as the physical fitness component if you are
trying to lose weight purely through dieting.
Exercises are extremely important when you are trying to lose weight
because they help maintain lean muscle mass and they keep your
metabolism up.

Weight loss with low metabolism can cause health issues so be sure
to include an exercise component and most importantly – don’t
starve yourself in the process!
What’s the secret to successful weight loss?
Successful weight loss occurs when a person finally finds his “center
of gravity” when it comes to physical activity and calorie
consumption. Each person’s journey to gaining a healthy weight is
different. Some people find it easier to lose weight when they
exercise seven times a week.
Other people lose weight faster if they only perform moderate
exercises and they focus closely on what they eat. The story is
different for each weight loss warrior.
If there’s one secret about weight loss that you have to learn, it’s this:
you have to be consistent. Gaining weight wasn’t an overnight affair.
You didn’t gain those extra pounds last week. The weight you have
now is the result of your lifestyle and diet and is the accrued result of
many years of living.
Consistency in your dieting and exercise will ensure that those extra
pounds will also be progressively melted away through exercise and
proper nutrition.

What are the benefits of bodyweight exercises?
People often ask me this question because the common notion is that
you always need gym equipment such as treadmills, barbells and
dumbbells to achieve physical fitness.
Here are some of the best benefits of starting bodyweight exercises as
soon as you can:
1. High Caloric Burn
Bodyweight exercises are extremely efficient in burning off calories
because you can steadily increase the intensity of each movement and
you can shift to another movement in a matter of seconds.
If your goal is to lose weight and stay lean for years to come,
bodyweight exercises are one of the most practical and effective
methods to achieving these goals. You won’t have to buy equipment
because everything you could possibly need is already available –
your body!
Scientific studies are also backing up the claims of thousands of avid
bodyweight exercise fans around the world. It appears that the body
does burn a much higher number of calories when the intensity is
increased and multiple muscle groups are involved during a

2. Resistance and Cardio In One Neat Package
Bodyweight training requires the use of many of the major muscle
groups and the recommended intensity is moderate to high. This
makes bodyweight exercises an excellent alternative form of cardio
for both men and women.
And because you’re lifting your body in most movements, you are
also engaged in weight training while doing cardio. It’s like hitting
two birds with one shot!
3. Core Power
One of the unique advantages of performing bodyweight exercises
regularly is the positive impact on your abdominal or core muscles.
Our core muscles are one of the trickiest muscle groups to train
because they’re located in between the upper and lower limbs.
When you perform a bodyweight exercise, the core muscles absorb
some of the strain because you have to maintain balance at all times.
Your front core muscles and side stabilizer core muscles are always
contracting and relaxing as your body adapts to each movement.
This report assumes the following:
1. That you are interested in learning more about bodyweight
exercises and you are willing to read this book with a mind that is
open to new ideas.
2. That you will not use the information in this book as a substitute
for professional healthcare advice and that you will seek the aid of a
certified fitness trainer when you’re ready to workout.

3. That you will make a conscious effort to try the exercises in this
book with full knowledge that any type of exercise, whether with
equipment or just your body’s natural weight, poses a certain level of
Medical Disclaimer:
Always consult with your physician before beginning any physical
fitness program or diet program.
If you experience pain at any point during exercise, please stop and
consult with your healthcare provider.

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