Tips on How to Lose Weight Before Even Trying Tips on How to Lose Weight Before Even Trying
These tips to lose weight fast are here to prepare you for your weight loss journey. That’s right, there’s a few things you need... Tips on How to Lose Weight Before Even Trying

These tips to lose weight fast are here to prepare you for your weight loss journey. That’s right,
there’s a few things you need to do before even trying to lose weight. These tips on weight loss
will get you in the right mind set so that you can achieve your weight loss goals.
1. Have a Clear Goal in Mind: The best way to lose weight fast is by having a clear goal in mind
from the start. Write down how much weight you want to lose and by when. With this weight
loss goal in mind, set up steps that will get you there. Maybe your weight loss plan will include
these tips on how to lose weight, may be not. Whatever the case may be, keep reading to
determine the best way to lose weight for you!
2. Determine WHY You Want to Lose Weight: Anyone can say they want to lose weight but if
you don’t know why you want to lose weight then you’ll never actually lose weight. And simply saying you want to lose weight is not good enough. You need to have an emotional connection with your WHY. Losing weight can be tough, don’t make it tougher by not knowing why you’re
even trying!
3. Take a Real Before Photo: You’ll be more motivated by physically seeing your progress than
by looking at a scale every day. You can even take a picture at the end of every week and see
your progress. Having a photo is the best way to track your weight loss because sometimes the
scale will not change in number, yet your body is changing to look sexier and leaner!
4. For Healthy Weight Loss, Don’t Follow Fad Diets: Fad diets are those that try to reorganize
the food pyramid so that you eat more of one food group or try to totally eliminate a food
group all together. Yes, you may get some results at first, but they will ultimately lead you to
gaining back all the weight and possibly even gaining more back!… Here’s something scary…
People who “diet” tend to gain more weight over time, and studies show that dieting is a
consistent predictor of future weight gain ( Instead of relying on a special diet, make
healthier choices every day of your life. This way you you become a healthier, happier, and
fitter person!


5. Keep Track of Your Calories: People often want an easy way to lose weight, which is
impossible. The ONLY easy way to lose weight is with surgery because then you don’t need to
do anything. However, if you don’t change your lifestyle and continue eating like you did
before, you’ll gain the weight back in no time at all… To really lose weight, you’ll need to do
some work. One important thing to keep track of is your calories! This will make or break you. If
you don’t do this, then you might as well forget about losing weight.
“Even if you write it down on a napkin and end up throwing it away, the act of writing it down is
about being accountable to yourself and is a very effective tool for weight loss,” says Bonnie
Taub Dix, MA, RD, author of Read It Before You Eat It
If you don’t want to write down everything, then take a record of what you eat by taking
pictures of EVERYTHING you eat. This will make you more conscious about what you place into
your mouth. Plus, it will allow you to easily review everything you eat every day.

6. Never Eat Less Than 1,200 Calories1: Once you eat below 1,200 calories for too long, your
body will go into starvation mode. This means that your body will begin to slow down your
metabolism (you burn less calories), your body begins to store everything you eat (because
your body thinks it may not get food later), and your body begins to destroy muscle tissue for
energy instead of fat.
7. 3,500 Calories is 1 Pound Lost: Here’s another reason you need to keep track of calories.
When you burn or eat at a calorie deficit, you can lose one pound for every 3,500 calories. Once
you figure out how many calories you need to eat to maintain your weight, simply subtract 500
calories from your daily requirement in order to lose about one pound every week! Any good
weight loss diet plan will help you figure out how many calories you need to be taking in.


8. Set a Few Simple Goals Every Morning: A quick way to lose weight is by setting little goals to
do every single day. Rather it’s 10 push ups in the morning, working out for 5 minutes longer, or
eating more vegetables… Make simple goals that you can accomplish and add on every single
9. Reward System: Decide how you’re going to reward yourself every week or month when you
achieve your small goals. Rather it be eating correctly for a week, losing 2 pounds in a week, or
working out 5 days out of the week. Give yourself a little reward once you accomplish a smaller
goal that’s leading to your large goal. For example, a new book, a spa treatment, some new
clothes, or anything else you find rewarding that’s NOT food related.


10. The Anti-Reward: Don’t care much for rewards? Studies have shown that we are actually
more motivated from preventing loss than gaining something. So find something that would
cause you to lose out. For example, if you can’t exercise 5 days in a week or eat right for the
whole week, then you will donate $100 to a cause you don’t believe in. It has to be in
something you don’t believe in because you have to make this hurt. Or give $100 to someone
who isn’t deserving! Check out this site for some help:
11. Be Aware of Food Addiction: A study completed in 2014 of 196,211 individuals found that
19.9% of people fulfill the criteria for food addiction ( If you suffer through cravings
that are so strong that you can’t overcome them, then you may be food addict. If this is the
case, seek help because all the weight loss tips in the world will not help you until you deal with
your addiction.
12. Tap into Your Emotional Well Being: A 2015 Orlando Health survey found that people have
trouble losing weight and keeping it off because of their mood. For example, during times of
stress, sadness, or other negative emotions; people may eat foods that they shouldn’t. In order
to see if you fall into this category, write down how you feel when you eat. A good place to put
this in is in your Food Journal. Once you see a pattern of how you feel and what you eat, you
can take steps to create new and positive coping strategies. For example, taking a walk instead
of eating a tub of ice cream.
13. Don’t Go On a Diet if You’re Stressed: Being on a lot of stress will not allow you to lose
weight easily. If anything, this will cause you more stress because you’ll feel limited on what
you can eat.

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