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Maintaining a diet is vastly different from starting one, but there are a few things you should do beforehand. Namely:  Set a realistic,... how to Maintaining Your Diet

Maintaining a diet is vastly different from starting one, but there are a few things
you should do beforehand. Namely:
 Set a realistic, practical and measurable goal – That‘s the only way you‘ll see
change and still be able to carry out your small time objectives. Have some
daily goals and some weekly goals. That said, don‘t reward yourself with ‗a day
off‘. It‘s one of the easiest lies we tell ourselves and it‘ll be counterproductive
for your health. That said, we‘re going to look at how you can counter any
cravings you might have and not cheat on your diet later on in this chapter.
 Don‘t diet, change the way you live – Many of us look at diets as short term
periods we just need to sit through. That‘s not a proper lens to look at the
Mediterranean diet from. After all, this is a lifestyle change and you‘re likely
to fail before you start if you keep looking at things that way.
 Make time to get excited about your lifestyle change – We‘re all busy but
keeping your excitement up is important. So take some time out to research
Mediterranean diets and how you can incorporate them. This will keep you
interested and give you new ways to handle your ongoing diet till you adjust to
 Small changes matter – Every bite you take matters. Remember that. Every
good meal makes a difference so never just give up. Have small goals and try
to take them one at a time.
Now you might be wondering ―Easier said than done!‖ And that‘s true if you don‘t
use the following techniques.
How to Suppress your Appetite
1. Get some fiber into your system, every day – It‘s no secret how fibers help
keep you fuller for longer. Fiber is found in high quantities in vegetables so
load them on your plate whenever you get the chance.
2. Control your hormones – Our appetite is controlled by our hormones which
trigger our feelings of hunger or fullness. Having your hormones in control
and in balance helps to keep you feeling as you should after any meal. To do
this, you‘d normally need to intake low glycemic foods and kick start your
3. Avoid blood sugar spikes – You‘re bound to feel more hungry if you allow your
blood sugar to go haywire so here‘s what you do: don‘t skip out on any meals
or wait longer than 5 hours to eat, fill your plates with proteins and some
healthy fats, and eat high fiber foods. This should keep everything balanced
and in check.
To stay in check, don‘t skip out on a homemade meal. Every time you opt for a
restaurant meal, you‘re unable to control what you‘re putting in your food and
body. So avoid restaurant meals as much as possible. Instead try and prepare
your food ahead of time—a night before, if possible. You want to be always ready
instead of providing yourself a reason to fail.
So be a little proactive. A few days of effort can give you a lifetime of health.
These are all the tips you need in order to start yourself on the Mediterranean
diet. Easy, right? No restrictions, no strict rules and a whole lot of yummy food.
Now you might be wondering what meals can you exactly make? Flip on after the
Conclusion to find 21 ready-made recipes for you to try out today!

Ready to start your new lifestyle?
It‘s been a long and informative journey so give yourself a congrats for taking the
first step. We‘ve learnt everything from what the Mediterranean diet is, what it
entails and how we can apply it to our daily lives today! Not to mention, a few tips
on how to keep up this lifestyle until it becomes a part of us.
The Mediterranean lifestyle has transformed the lives of millions—whether in the
past or the present. Don‘t skip out on the potential it has in store for you and
definitely give this transforming lifestyle a try. After all, what do you have to lose?
It‘s so simple and easy to dive into. Give our 7 day meal plan a try and just watch
yourself fall in love!
We hope you‘ve enjoyed reading this book as much as we have and learnt some
valuable information. Take the next steps by setting out a few small goals you can
achieve day to day in order to transition into this lifestyle. You won‘t regret it.
Lastly, thank you for reading this site. Wish you the best!

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