Best Way to Lose Weight When Eating Out Best Way to Lose Weight When Eating Out
Many meal plans for weight loss will often not let you eat out, especially at fast food joints because they are high in fat,... Best Way to Lose Weight When Eating Out

Many meal plans for weight loss will often not let you eat out, especially at fast food joints
because they are high in fat, sodium, and of course calories. However, if you must eat out, here
are few tips on how to lose weight fast while eating out…
. Eat At Least 90% of Your Meals At Home: People looking for the best way to lose weight
fast have to make their own meals because the portion sizes that restaurants serve are crazy!
Many times one meal out includes all the calories you should have eaten throughout the day.
So make your own healthy and delicious meals at home whenever possible.


. Research in Advance: Know which restaurant you’re going to in advance? Then check out
their menu online. Many restaurants place the calorie count and other nutritional information
online. Find the healthiest meal you can get.
. Wear Tight Clothes: When going out wear tight fitting under clothes or tighten your belt.
This feeling of restriction will send “stuff” signals to your brain… Think about it, we often loosen
our belts when we get too full… Tighten up one time so that you feel full 😉


. Refuse the Bread Basket: Many places severe some amazing bread but this is not good for
your diet. It’s best not to have it on your table then try to limit yourself, which can often fail.
. Don’t Eat With Large Groups of People: A study published in the Journal of Physiological
Behavior discovered that we tend to eat more when we eat with other people because we tend
to spend more time at the table. However, eating with your family allows you to spend time
talking in between bites, which will help cut down on how much you eat.
. Order First: If eating in a group, be the first to order so that you don’t feel pressured to
order something else based on what others order.
. Order the Smallest Portion Possible: If you’re looking for the fastest way to lose weight you
need to cut down on your calories. Do this by buying the smaller sized item, possibly even
ordering from the kids menu. Remember, many of us will keep eating simply because there is
food in front of us. You can avoid this by not having a lot of food in front of you!
. When You Eat Out, Split a Meal: Looking for easy weight loss tips? Here’s one and it’ll save
you money! As mentioned earlier, the portion sizes at restaurants are HUGE! So much so that it
can easily fill at least two people, so split your meal with someone else. Saves you calories and
saves you money!

. Save Food At Restaurants: Don’t have someone to share your large meal when you eat out?
Here’s a simple weight loss tip, tell your waitress to package half your meal to go. This way you
don’t end up eating more than you should and you’ll have food for another meal!
. Restaurant Keywords To Look For: When deciding what to eat at a restaurant, look for the
following keywords in the description: grilled, baked, sauteed, steamed, over-fried, roasted,
marinara, and primavera. Although most restaurant foods will still be high in calories and salt
content, you can at least choose these healthier options.
. Don’t Eat Your Kids Left Overs: It will be difficult to see food thrown away but every single
bite counts when you’re trying to lose weight. Either save the leftovers or give them to your
. Sub in Veggies When You Eat Out: Many restaurants now offer the option to have a small
side salad or steamed veggies instead of fries. If they don’t, you can still ask. This is a great way
to eat healthier and don’t tell yourself that you just won’t eat your fries because once they’re in
front of you, it will be too tempting to ignore.
. Eating a Sandwich? First off, you should be using whole wheat bread over white bread and
second have your sandwich be open faced. This means taking off the top piece of bread. This
alone can safe you 70 to 90 calories. If you’re still feeling hungry, eat some baby carrots or
sugar snap peas. These veggies are loaded with fiber and water, which can help aid satiety and
weight loss efforts.
. Don’t Order the Salmon! Many people have heard that salmon is packed with heart healthy
omega-3s and belly flattening protein. However, this is talking about Wild Salmon. Currently,
about 90% of the salmon eaten in the United States is farmed salmon, not from nature. As a
result, unlike the proteins and fats that can truly help you lose weight, farmed salmon can have
the opposite effect on your weight loss journey. Either ask if the salmon is farmed or wild, or
simply stay away from it.
. Ask For Salad Dressing on the Side: Rather you’re eating a salad or another meal that
contains a sauce, make sure to have the sauce placed on the side so that you control how much
you actually eat. When eating a salad, dip your fork in the dressing first before getting some
salad to eat. Do not pour the salad dressing on your salad.
. Buffet or Dinner Party?: When you have the option to serve yourself at a buffet or dinner
party, look at everything that’s available first. Determine what high calorie food you want the
most and only fill a quarter of your plate with this food. The remainder of your plate save for
lighter foods like cut up vegetables, hummus, grilled chicken, and so on…
. Cut Back a Different Meal: Ended up eating too much on one of your meals? Then make
sure to cut back on the other meals you have left in your day.

. Avoid the Health Halo: Do you believe products from specialty supermarkets to be
healthier than those from other grocery stores? Or do you think dishes from organic or vegan
restaurants are better for your waistline? If you answered yes to these questions, you could be
ruining your chances of losing weight! According to the Journal of Consumer Research, most
people believe that a sandwich at a “healthy” restaurant will have 35% less calories than that of
a “unhealthy” restaurant. Remember to still check the Nutrition Label, no matter where you get
your food.

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